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Led by Susan Little, the goal of GreenGo is to provide excellent work, quick turnaround, all while saving the client money. Schedule your appointment today!

Your Roof Is Our Passion

Your roof protects your family from storms, wind, and rain. But the protection doesn’t stop there. You also get GreenGo’s superb warranty.

A GreenGo Roof

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Go Green with Greengo

A big part of what makes our company unique is our dedication to the small details. Not only does this allow for great work, it also means we pay attention to the importance of recycling! We recycle all used products, like the old shingles, from a project.


Has your roof been damaged because of the weather? Let GreenGo replace the roof and save you money!


Tired of dealing with multiple contractors? At GreenGo, we can handle all aspects of storm restoration.


Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for garage, workshop, bathroom, and loft flooring - Easy cleanup.


Honest, Direct & To The Point

At GreenGo, we pride ourselves on being an honest contracting company. Led by Susan Little, the goal of GreenGo is to provide excellent work, quick turnaround times and save clients money. With experience in insurance, Susan and the team bring expert knowledge to help you get the full value of your homeowners insurance claim. The customer care you receive with GreenGo is full-service. Our goal is to make sure you get what you need.