You need a Public Adjuster for the same reason you need a dentist or a hair stylist… because you are not one! You may know how to brush your teeth, and comb your hair, but nobody does it as good as the professionals.

Adjusting a claim is an intricate process. Trust that our professional team will handle this better than you could possibly imagine. Although this might be your second or third time to file a claim, it's our ten thousandth. We do this day in and day out 6 days a week! We know what the carriers are supposed to pay and we will get you the money you are rightfully owed.

When Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?

It’s a good idea to hire a public adjuster any time you file a claim. Especially if you feel your claim was wrongfully denied or underpaid.

How Much Does a Public Adjuster Charge?

The fee for hiring a public adjuster is 10% of the total claim or 25% of the increase, whichever is less, and we have a no-win no-fee policy.

For example, You receive the estimate from the insurance carrier at $10,000 and you hire a public adjuster who collects an additional $10,000, for a total claim amount of $20,000. 10% of the total amount $20,000= $2,000
25% of the increase (10,000) = $2500

The fee would be $2, 000.

What is Appraisal?

Appraisal is a quick, affordable process used to bring resolution to your claim without the use of costly attorneys. If you disagree with the total amount of your claim you can invoke the appraisal clause in your contract.

How do I Invoke the Appraisal Clause?

You write a very simple letter to your insurance carrier telling them you would like to invoke the appraisal clause because you disagree with the loss amount. You need to include your name policy number and claim number and your chosen appraisers name and contact information.

How Much Does Appraisal Cost?

The cost of appraisal is determined by the Appraisers and the Umpire. Each party sets his or her own fee based on the complexity of the claim. You are required to hire and pay for your appraiser and the insurance company is required to hire and pay for theirs. Most umpires charge around $1,800 and that cost will be split between you and the carrier if and only if it is determined by the appraisers that the Umpire is needed.
Our fee for residential appraisals is $500.

What Happens at Appraisal?

The two appraisers will schedule a time to meet at the lost site and determine the value of the loss together. In the event the two appraisers cannot come to a resolution, the dispute will then be settled by an umpire. This process is final and binding.

Why choose us? With all the Public Adjusters available in your city, you might wonder what makes one better than the other?

You recently had damage to your property and need it repaired. Who would know best what it takes from start to finish to restore your home or business back to its original condition? The contractor! Susan has been a contractor for 25 years. She has personally worked her way through every trade, fortunate enough to have some great mentors along the way.

Of course being a contractor alone doesn’t make you a great PA. It doesn’t mean you understand the carriers adjusting guidelines or policy language and how they work together. It takes years to truly comprehend all the legal jargon in your policy and how it affects your payment. Lucky for you, years is what we have! We only hire honest, experienced licensed adjusters and appraisers. Every member of our team brings a great deal of expertise and a unique set of skills to the table that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Now you know we are qualified to estimate the cost of mitigation and restoration thoroughly and properly. You know our entire staff is well versed in every step of the claims process and is dedicated to dealing with the insurance carrier for you. You know we seamlessly work together to ensure your claim is handled effectively and efficiently and most importantly, that you are not one of the millions of policyholders that get cheated out of rightfully owed money.

We take tremendous pride in our work. Honor and integrity is paramount in obtaining a fair claims settlement for our clients.